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where are the "normal 2"?

Gaymen park at manukau, oops i mean Haymen park at the back of manukau, altho since the new buildings and tertiary has gone up and trees cut down i believe its not as busy as it once was, and Murphy’s bush up the back of manukau off reboubt rd is still fairly popular just have to be aware of police action

know of any cruisey places in south auckland?

apart from the normal 2

no not really but im sure theres other places

just gotta do homework lol

Just read that coining question - it's when guys see how many coins they can fit in their foreskin.

oh haha thanx :-)

id hope the coins would be washed first lol duno what grubby germs have been on it. 


All Blacks rugby players Victor Vito, Gillies Kaka and DJ Forbes

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All Blacks rugby players Tawera Kerr-Barlow and TJ Perenara




All Blacks hotties TJ Perenara and Tawera Kerr-Barlow